We are a High Quality Breeder of AKC Registered Light American, Hybrid and English Cream Golden Retrievers

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Upcoming Puppies

We are holding off on Fall '22 reservations until after current sweet babies are born.  Please check back! Thank you!  

If you are interested in placing a reservation, please first review our Steps to Own page:

Our reservations do fill up very quickly and we are almost always fully reserved prior to breeding, as we involve our new owners every step of the way! From ultrasound to Take-Home Day, we share photos and videos and allow scheduled in-person visits so you can start bonding with your new family member prior to pick up. We highly encourage owners to visit in-person for selection at approx. 5 weeks!

*Please understand we do our best to approximate heat cycles (approx. 6-9 months apart), breeding (approx. day 9-15), pregnancy (approx. 58-68 days) and whelping dates; however it is Mother Nature and the timing of each of these does vary. Also puppies are only walnut-size at ultrasound at approx. 4-5 weeks (25-35 days) of pregnancy and unlike humans, even with x-ray at approx. 55 days, there's no way to determine gender until birth.

Our Goldens are Family

Our pups are raised in our home and on our land. We are not a kennel and we do not keep our Goldens in sad kennel runs. We are passionate about breeding and raising beautiful and loving Goldens!

Our main priority is providing excellent care and ensuring the health and well-being of our babies from birth until they leave with their forever families—and beyond. We breed for health, temperament, and build as well as coat. Our dogs are outgoing, friendly, easily trainable and definitely well-loved!  


Are you ready to bring home your new best friend?

Meet Our Pups

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We highly recommend the Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Plush Dog Toy to reduce your new puppy's anxiety and aid in their transition to their new home.

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Positively redirect your new puppy's teething behavior by providing an approved chew toy. We recommend the Benebone Puppy Dog Chew Toy.

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