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***Note: This page is currently being updated***

Meet the Parents

Our Goldens are all purebred AKC registered. We breed for health, temperament, and build, as well as coat—all of these have hereditary components.

Our dogs are friendly, outgoing, easily trainable and incredible companions—and absolutely well-loved! Please see our Pupdates! page   We love that we are able to offer these incredible pups to your families! 

Extensive Embark DNA Testing Done - Results:

PRA1 Clear

PRA2 Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a category of genetic mutations that cause vision loss and blindness.

ICT = Either Clear or Carrier 

Ichthyosis or ICT for short is a hereditary health condition that has been identified in the Golden retriever dog breed. Ichthyosis is a form of dermatitis of the skin

Plus 125+ other canine diseases tested for - All Negative.

Please inquire if you have a concern about any specific canine disease. 

Hips, Elbows, Hearts all Vet Certified. All of our dogs and puppies are up to date on all vaccines and receive regular vet care.  


Our sweet girl, "Loves," has a loving and warm personality (hence her very fitting name!) She is a direct Eastern European import from Ukraine with strong bloodlines, excellent hips & elbows, All clear on DNA testing. Excellent Heart—physically and metaphorically.

Ludwig's RB Tramin Ms Lovely (direct import)

Ludwig's Ms Marley Pearl

Sweet Princess 

pup cute hybrid.jpg
Rue Pearl_edited.jpg

Ludwig's Duchess Koda Bear

Koda Bear is playful and very loving.  She's the squad's best "fetcher," after Dallas. Beautiful, well-built and cuddly.  She loves to make new friends and is extremely calm with small children and puppies too.. A friend to all.  All clear =  not a carrier of any genetic markers for any of the canine diseases.  Preliminary (done before age 2) hip/elbow excellent.

Ludwig's Princess Bella  

Ludwig's Ms Millie Pearl  

Princess Ally 

Ludwig's Princess Z  

Ludwig's Duchess Lizzie 


Ludwig's Sir Dallas

Sir Dallas is a "fan favorite;;," everyone falls in love with "Dallyu," and wants to take him home with them!t

He is smart, incredibly well-built and very sweet. He is a caring father to his pups and loves all people! His large stature, good proportions, and creamy ight golden coat makes gorgeous puppies. Excellent hips, normal elbows, Normal heart, All Clear DNA tests.

Ludwig's Sir Duke 

Ludwig's Maximus


Sire (Stud) - Direct Import 

Ludwig's Sir Duke Viper

max fdall.JPG

Ludwig's Sir Duke Watson 

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